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Why Us

Difference between Other Play Schools and The Spanning Kids School

Parameter Traditional Play Schools The Spanning Kids School
  • Usually done ad hoc due to lack of domain knowledge.
  • No specific objectives set for the overall development of the child.
  • Most of these objectives are set implicitly with no real idea of how to meet these objectives.
  • Curriculum is based on Dr Montessori’s philosophy, and multiple intelligence models, structured with inputs from a mix of academicians, teachers, preschool owners and others.
  • Solution is hence practical and easily implementable.
  • Focus is on specific areas of development of the child.
  • Clear objectives have been laid down, and a structured approach is built into the curriculum to ensure the objectives are met for every child.
  • Most traditional preschools do not have well categorized areas of development. Hence most of the development is focused only on language development (especially writing skills) and gross motor skills (physical activities).
  • Very little focus is on personality development, fine motor skills, cognitive development and creative development of the child.
  • Over and above that, children are just kept happy through audio visuals and technology which is harmful for the development of the preschool child.
    • The Spanning Kids curriculum has 5 well defined areas of development with clearly defined objectives for each of the areas. Specific areas of development are
      1. Personality
      2. Sensomotor skills (gross motor , fine motor , practical life , sensorial)
      3. Cognitive skills (logical thinking, mathematics, scientific thinking),
      4. Language (listening , speaking, reading, writing comprehension)
      5. Creative development (art, music, dance, role play, construction, craft etc)

      Ensuring that all these aspects are given adequate attention and focus.

    • The Spanning Kids School understands that the brain development of the young child is directly related to the extent that the child works with their hands and uses their senses.
    • More they use their senses and motor skills, the faster they develop.

We do not encourage the use of technology as it tends to dull the child’s mind and sometimes has a detrimental effect on the overall development of the child.

  • Procured from various sources without much basis for comparison.
  • Materials are just toys and not educational aids with specific objectives.
  • No linkages between the materials as they are purchased loose and in an ad-hoc fashion.
  • Designed based on the curriculum and are non toxic.
  • Materials are educational in nature with specific objectives built into the design of the material.
  • Materials have connectivity with one another and hence are implemented in sequential fashion with one leading to the other.
  • Mostly not encouraged in classrooms.
  • Classrooms are divided into silos of children between 2yrs to 3 yrs as playgroup, 3 yrs to 4 yrs as Nursery and so on.
  • No chance of a child learning from an elder child that fosters learning, sharing and caring in the environment
  • Instead of dividing the classroom into silos based on age, we divide the environment into corners based on the area of development.
  • Hence, classroom is divided in language corner, cognitive corner, creative corner, sensorial corner, practical life corner and so on.
  • This allows mixed age groups to foster and ensures development of the child by ensuring each child can progress at his / her own pace.
  • This also ensures access to all materials to all children and ensures that adults can monitor the progress and usage of materials easily.
  • Primarily only Group Activities where only some children actively participate and the quieter children are not paid adequate attention.
  • Most efforts in the preschool are only through some song /dance routines with no specific structures.
  • Individual learning, with a mix of group activities ensuring that all children have the same / required level of exposure.
  • Thematic approaches mixed with individual activities provide a sound basis for overall development of the child.
  • Teacher Centric Learning. A typical example is of a teacher addressing a bunch of 2 year olds saying “Silence Please”
  • Child Centric Learning – focus on children picking and working with materials on their own.
  • Role of adults in the classroom restricted to being “Observers” and “Presenters”.
  • Most traditional preschools do not have any assessment practices, and a few of them just fill report cards once a year in an ad hoc fashion without any data basis.
  • Methodically assessed every week, assessment based on scientific observation and reports based on observation data recorded over a period of time.
  • The parents are provided with objective data on the overall development of the child in the school.
  • Based on owner’s thought process.
  • Typically to keep the child safe, healthy and happy with some amount of learning built in.
    The Spanning Kids School philosophy recommends that…

  • The child be given a structured environment to explore, develop and learn.
  • Where the adults play the role of facilitators.
  • The child is learning various concepts while working with the materials.
  • The multiple intelligence focus ensures that all aspects of the child development are covered.
  • Social interaction and personality development is a primary focus with several small group and whole group activities
  • Not necessarily considered in most preschools.
  • The Spanning Kids School lays the foundation for all future learning, and makes the child ready by the Indian Academic Standards.
  • The School also ensures advanced academic concepts such as place value system, phonetics, etc. are introduced in a structured manner such that children understand these concepts practically while working with the materials.
  • Depends on the initiative of the parents / teachers.
  • No specific upgrades are done if things are going “well”, meaning if there are sufficient admissions, no real focus on upgrading the school curriculum.
  • Continuous upgrades in curriculum will be done through the research team in The Spanning Kids School.
  • There is constant improvement on application of various concepts to improve the education provided to the child.